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Your total interest costs range between CHF 793.70 (4.9 % effective) and CHF 1’945.55 (11.95 % effective), depending on creditworthiness.
  • Lower interest rates
  • Quick credit decision after reviewing your enquiry
  • Flexible terms of up to 120 months for smaller monthly instalments
  • Option to make partial or full repayments at any time
  • Simple redemption and increase of existing loans
  • Net income of at least CHF 2,800.
  • No outstanding debt enforcement proceedings, certificates of loss or bankruptcy.
  • Valid Swiss passport or B or C residence permit.
  • Foreigners with a B residence permit who have lived in Switzerland for at least 12 months.
  • Age between 18 and 69 years.

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easycredit AG offers customised loan offers which are tailored to your individual needs when taking out a loan with us. Our professional team is at your disposal to make the loan application process as easy as possible. We are experts when it comes to taking out loans in Switzerland. With us you will find the suitable loan in Switzerland - uncomplicated, transparent and reliable.

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Calculate your loan as follows: Simply enter the desired loan amount and term in our loan calculator and calculate the monthly instalment.

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Loan calculator

With just a few clicks, you can get a clear overview of your financing options. Our loan calculator is specially tailored to the needs of Switzerland to provide you with a precise and reliable calculation. Use our Swiss loan calculator today to plan your financial scope and find a suitable loan that meets your requirements.

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Are you planning to take out a loan and would like to know the costs in advance? Use our loan calculator in CH! With just a few clicks, you will receive a precise calculation of your monthly instalments and interest costs. This gives you financial control and allows you to optimise your loan to suit your needs. Try out our Swiss loan calculator now for transparent financial planning and submit a loan application.

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With a personal and non-binding comparison offer from easycredit AG, you can find out whether you can obtain your desired loan at more favourable conditions and whether a loan repayment is worthwhile.

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By topping up your loan, you benefit from lower interest rates and you also have the option of choosing a new term according to your requirements.