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Your total interest costs range between CHF 793.70 (4.9 % effective) and CHF 1’945.55 (11.95 % effective), depending on creditworthiness.

Car loan

In Switzerland, the term car loan refers to a Personal loan, that is specifically intended for financing a personal vehicle. However, easycredit AG not only offers car loans, but also a wide range of financing options for various needs. Discover our range, which includes a car loan as well as a Small loan and Consumer loan .

Financing a car or motorbike with a loan from easycredit AG has several advantages: the interest incurred on the instalment payment can be deducted from tax. In addition, the customer is not obliged to take out fully comprehensive insurance for the vehicle.

Car loan Switzerland

  • With a car loan, you can act as a cash payer at the dealership and thus receive lucrative discounts
  • After amortisation of the personal loan, it is completely yours
  • No cost-intensive return of the vehicle after the loan term
  • Vehicle can also be sold during the term and the loan cancelled
  • Much more flexible than car leasing, for example

Car financing Switzerland

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Loan for car

Car loan or leasing? Decide between a loan to buy a car or leasing - we have the right financing solution for you. With a car loan, you purchase the vehicle, while leasing gives you the option of using it for a specific term. Discover flexible options and find the ideal financing to suit your needs and preferences.

Car loan calculator

Use our car loan calculator to quickly and easily determine the best conditions for your car loan. Calculate the monthly instalments depending on the amount of the loan and the term to find the ideal financing package for your new car.