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Scope of application

The following provisions govern credit processing between easycredit AG (based in 8400 Winterthur) and the applicant. By completing or sending the online application, these are deemed to be accepted between the parties.

Service provided by easycredit AG

The service provided by easycredit AG consists of receiving the loan application (online, e-mail, fax, telephone or in person), checking the customer's requirements, non-binding assessment of creditworthiness, free advice and support through the loan application process and its processing. This service is free of charge. The customer advisors of easycredit AG are available to answer the applicant's questions at any time.


Ich nehme zur Kenntnis, dass easycredit AG (nachfolgend: Vermittler) meinen Antrag zur Prüfung an die Bank Now AG oder Cembra Money Bank AG oder Cornèr Banca SA oder bob Finance, eine Zweigniederlassung der Valora Schweiz AG oder GmbH und andere Finanzierungsunternehmen (je einzeln nachfolgend das „Finanzierungsinstitut“) über das Internet, via Email oder per Fax/Post weiterleitet. Zudem nehme ich zur Kenntnis bzw. bestätige was folgt:

Application review and credit report data: I confirm that all the information I have provided in the application is complete, up-to-date and correct and authorise the financial institution to obtain information about me from third parties, in particular banks, the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK), authorities (e.g. debt enforcement, land registry and tax offices, residents' registration offices, child and adult protection authorities), credit agencies, credit brokers, employers, group companies of the financial institution and, if applicable, the Information Office for Consumer Credit (IKO) in connection with the examination of this application and the processing of the contractual relationship. For the above-mentioned purposes, I release these bodies from bank-client, postal, official and business confidentiality. I acknowledge that the financial institution may be obliged to report a consumer lease / consumer credit to be granted or granted to the Consumer Credit Information Centre (IKO). I also authorise the financial institution to notify the ZEK of the transaction applied for and, if required by law, to notify other bodies. In particular, the type of credit or financing, amount and modalities as well as the personal details of the applicant(s) and any qualified payment arrears or misuse will be reported. I recognise the right of the ZEK to provide its members with information about the reported data. The financial institution may reject the application without giving reasons.

Cooperation with intermediaries: I acknowledge that in the case of applications received from an intermediary, the financial institution may exchange the necessary information with the intermediary in connection with the application/creditworthiness check and the conclusion and processing of the contract (e.g. parameters and result of the application check, delivery of the contract documents, information on the contract status and payment behaviour and balance) and release the financial institution from bank-client confidentiality to this extent if and insofar as necessary.

Information on partners: If I have provided information on my spouse or registered partner ("partner") in the application, I confirm that (i) I have informed my partner of this application, (ii) the financing institution may verify the above information by making direct enquiries with my partner, and (iii) my partner agrees that the financing institution may obtain information concerning him/her as described above (including making information requests to the ZEK).

Data processing: I acknowledge that the financial institution may process my data to check my application and for risk assessment and marketing purposes (data analysis and profiling). In addition, I may be offered other products and services by post or telephone, including by group companies of the financial institution and other third parties. I can object to this data processing for marketing purposes at any time. By providing my e-mail address, I also agree that the financial institution may also send me the aforementioned offers by e-mail. In connection with open communication via e-mail, I expressly accept the risk that my data may be intercepted or published by third parties during transmission, or that unauthorised third parties may draw conclusions about a contractual relationship between the financial institution and me, and that in this respect the protection of secrets or bank client confidentiality is not guaranteed. I can revoke my consent to the electronic delivery of advertising mail at any time.

Cooperation with service providers (outsourcing): I acknowledge that the financial institution may outsource services to third parties ("service providers"), in particular in the area of handling business processes, IT security and system control, market research and processing, the calculation of business-relevant credit and market risks as well as the administration of contractual relationships (e.g. application and contract processing, debt collection, communication with customers). The financial institution provides these service providers with the data required to fulfil the contractual obligations and may also forward this data abroad for this purpose. Service providers, their employees and subcontractors are contractually bound to confidentiality by the financial institution. The service providers are generally located in Switzerland or in the EU/EEA, but may in principle be based anywhere in the world. If personal data is transferred to a country that Switzerland does not consider to have an adequate level of data protection, the financial institution shall ensure adequate data protection by means of suitable guarantees, such as the agreement of standard contractual clauses.

I acknowledge that communication between the financial institution and myself or the intermediary may take place via electronic channels. The intermediary and the financial institution cannot guarantee the confidentiality of data transmitted via the Internet. It is therefore possible for third parties to draw conclusions about an existing or forthcoming business relationship (possibly a banking relationship) between me and the financial institution.

Further information on the processing of personal data by the financial institution can be found in the privacy policy on the financial institution's website or can be requested from the financial institution.

Note according to the law: Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).